Build an authorization URL

The Connect API uses the OAuth 2.0 specification for authentication.

Connecting your integration to an Connect customer account requires the use of OAuth 2.0. This step is required before you start making requests to Connect’s API in order to do things like add connect, add trigger, add action & Run Test. We use OAuth 2.0 in order to ensure that an integration has permission to access a given Connect account.

Authorization Code OAuth Flow

The first thing you’ll need to do is create a hyperlink to start the authorization process. This code provides Connect’s API with information such as which integration is making the request and what access the integration requires. Please review the example below:


Parameter NameRequiredParameter TypeParameter Description
client_idYesStringThe client ID of the application.
redirect_uriYesStringredirect_uri is your callback. This is where the user-agent (in most cases the customer browser) will be sent after the customer clicks authorize.
response_typeYesStringresponse_type tells Connect what you want us to send back. For this step you should always use code since you want an authorization code.
scopeYesStringscope is a list of space separated permissions your integration requires. To change permissions later, all customers will need to repeat the authorization process. Please ensure you have the ones you need. Please use (*)
Response code is user authorization code


This error section displays all the errors with details.

Following are the error codes that indicate the success or failure of an API request:

Error CodeMeaning
400Bad Request -- Your request is invalid.
401Unauthorized -- Your API key is wrong.
403Forbidden -- The method requested is hidden for administrators only.
404Not Found -- The specified method could not be found.
405Method Not Allowed -- You tried to access a method with an invalid method.
406Not Acceptable -- You requested a format that is not json.
410Gone -- Request has been removed from our servers.
429Too Many Requests
500Internal Server Error -- We had a problem with our server. Try again later.
503Service Unavailable -- We are temporarily offline for maintenance. Please try again later.
2032API Key is required
2034Email is required
2036Invalid API Key
2038Provide valid API Key
2039Email already exists
2040Phone already exists
2041Email Invalid
To authorize, use this code:

1wget --no-check-certificate --quiet \
2	--method GET \
3	--timeout=0 \
4	--header "ACCESSTOKEN: Access Token Key" \
5	--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
6	--body-data
7	'{
8		"client_id":"1*****",
9		"redirect_uri":"",
10		"response_type":"code",
11		"scope":"*****"
12	 }' \
13	""